As principal designer, Anne is grateful for the Anne Wagoner Interiors team and the relationships she cultivates with her clients. At home, Anne enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Presley and Carlson, and laughing with her husband, Andrew. She has a passion for seeking design inspiration through travel, art and antiques. Anne also enjoys cooking, entertaining and sitting by the fire with a glass of wine and stack of design books.



Meredith is the backbone of Anne Wagoner Interiors. Aside from handling all client and vendor financial transactions, Meredith places and tracks all orders, manages customer service and contributes to brand development. She lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, David, and children, Virginia and Lee. Meredith is a talented baker and is known for her custom cookie business, Cookie’s Cookies. Meredith also enjoys traveling, working on her newly renovated house and spending time with family and friends.



Duncan is a major asset to Anne Wagoner Interiors, both creatively and operationally. She assists with Anne’s projects and also serves as lead designer for her own projects. As a Raleigh-native, Duncan has been a valuable and familiar face at Anne Wagoner Interiors for several years, having served as an intern. Duncan recently graduated from Wofford College and is currently completing her final year at Meredith College’s Interior Design Program. Duncan enjoys traveling, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.